Backstage Pass

One pass, many sets.

Backstage Pass is a photography/multimedia exhibit that welcomes you to an exclusive journey behind the stages, sets, cameras and scenes from many film, music and theater productions so you can experience through the eyes of a filmmaker, the incredible experience that gives birth to amazing shows and works of art.

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Just as the name implies, I want the public to have a free pass to meet the world that develops behind the cameras, scenes and stages. I want them to get a chance to see the work that’s being made, here in their city, by a great crew of people and characters from the medium that look up to create amazing pieces intended to our entertainment.

Roberto Báez, Backstage Pass author.

Opened on March 24th, 2018 at Zulia’s Museum of Contemporary Art, Maracaibo – Venezuela, Backstage Pass is set up with a whole display of about 300 pictures deployed in a series of irregular floating tiles that work along a multichannel audio system, an interactive video playback station and an array of motion sensors to tell the stories behind five events in a environment carefully designed to provide the public with a surrounding experience that will take them to the sets of these productions.

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Multiple Areas

Due to the unsual nature of the space and its path along a ramp, the display it’s divided in multiple areas that arrange the contents of the exhibit in a linear way.

The main content of the display is deployed in three main stations: Film, Music and Theater. Each one of these stations has one or two sets of floating tiles with around 30 to 40 pictures that show the record of a short film, a television ad, a videoclip, a music concert and a dance play.

Along the main areas, there are a few smaller complementary areas with smaller picture sets that serve as an entrance to each station. Also, there’s a multimedia area and a ‘Characters’ panel dedicated to those who make the art behind the cameras.

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Backstage pass works with a central system based on a Raspberry Pi SBC micro computer and an array of Arduino modules programmed to work along with a monitor, a series of motion sensors, an audio system and even your own smartphone. This allows the public to have an interactive experience that allows them to go beyond the pictures.

Multimedia Content

The Multimedia area has an interactive and propietary video playback system that allows the public to browse and choose between many videos that go directly paired with the events of the exhibit as the video documentaries, the finished products and some other videos related to the montage of the exhibit.

Multisensory Experience

A series of motion sensors activate the prop lamps and an array of speakers strategically positioned to playback ambience sounds (recorded in the events displayed) as the people walk through every station. This allows the public to be part of a multisensory experience that translates them to the sets of every production while they walk the linear path of the exhibit.

The Producers

The content of the Backstage Pass exhibit was shot and recorded in productions made in Maracaibo city by:

Clap Media

“Arranca” Short Film

“Centro 99: Como vos” TV commercial

Eliezer Music

“Sol Montiel: Live Sessions” Videoclip

“LM: Que Venga tu Reino” Concert

Je Danse Academia

“Charm” Dance Show

“Color Caribe” Dance Show

The Making Of Series

A part of the multimedia content of the Backstage Pass, features The Making of Series: a web series that focuses on the backstage journey and the production process of the events exhibited in Backstage Pass.

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