Pitch – Backstage Pass

Sala Experimental Maczul


It's been many years since the bright mind of visual artists has allowed us to meet a vast diversity of foreign and parallels worlds that are born from an idea, a story or a feeling. Extraordinary worlds that are created to fill our life with emotions and experiences that make us, in many occasions, feel magic in our reality.

The birth of this magic, usually hidden from the public and often inexplicable to many, turns out to be even more extraordinary because its conceived in our own environment by a group of restless and determined characters who love their job and look up to support it with other people while they stand out their talents to create the amazing pieces that gives us so much to enjoy and feel. But, how do they do it? and who are these people responsible of doing this magic?

Backstage Pass welcomes you to an exclusive journey behind the stages, sets, cameras and scenes from many film, music and theater productions so you can experience, through the eyes of a filmmaker, the incredible processes that give birth to amazing shows and works of art.

Sala Experimental Maczul


Arts and show are means of entertainment and expression that don't need further exposure, arts like film, music and theater use to stand out because of the hard work that has to be done in the process of creating them which also make them amazing pieces that are, by nature, designed to impress. However, the complex process in which these pieces are produced, is just as creatively impressive but it's not coupled to the expository nature to which the final product is, for this reason, it is suggested that a look into that other side of the coin, will be just as striking and interesting to the public.

Backstage Pass is an homage to film and show and the heroes responsible for making them. It's because of this that the proposal is to move the spotlight over to these characters and authors of the film and show making that usually go unnoticed or unknown, to show the public another paradigm that will allow them to discover more about the making of their favorite pieces and at the same time admire the work of their creators.

Original Pitch

This is the original proposal pitch made for the art centers: