The Making Of Series

That’s how it’s done.

The Making Of Series is a web show created and produced by Roberto Báez that focuses on the backstage journey and the production process of audiovisual projects, shows and events made in Maracaibo city while its talented directors guide us through the making of their master pieces.

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Conceived as a series of short videos, each episode sums up the making process of one production. The use of Picture in Picture screens and a walkthrough with a talented host, guides us through long days of filming that are condensed into dynamic video segments of about four to six minutes.

The Artists

Discover the productions of these musicians:

Karen Martello

“Soy más fuerte que tu” Videoclip

Sol Montiel

“Sol Montiel:Live Sessions” Video

Lenin Macias

“Que Venga tu reino” Concert

Eliezer García

“Pasado, Presente y Futuro” Show

Don’t miss anything

From the art direction to the make-up of the talent, you’ll have a closer look to each one of these processes that are part of the filmmaking process.

Original Music

Each one of the music episodes are filled with original material produced for each production recorded, that way, the viewer will be able to appreciate and enjoy the artist’s original work.

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The Making of Series, it’s the audiovisual extension of the Exhibit Backstage Pass which welcomes us through an exclusive journey behind the stages, sets, cameras and scenes from many film, music and theater productions so you can experience through the eyes of a filmmaker, the incredible experience that gives birth to amazing shows and works of art.

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